Ramadan Calendar Project


This a Ramadan Calendar project that Sr. Hana did recently. The supplies and instructions are listed below and some pictures are attached. You can view all the pictures here.

Have fun crafting!



  1. Cut 30 pockets to 2 7/8 wide by 21/2” tall.
  2. Fold over the top 2-3 inches of the 18x18 felt backing to make insert for wooden dowel and sew a straight line across the top.
  3. Arrange “Ramadan Mubarak” letters at the top (don’t glue them yet).
  4. Arrange the 30 pockets and pin them in place once you have the right spacing (I left about a 1/4 inch spacing between each row).
  5. Remove letters and sew pockets (with sewing machine or by hand).
  6. Glue letters and numbers.
  7. insert dowel and hang.

What do you fill the pockets with? I have a couple non-candy ideas:

  1. We will have 30 sahaba cards with highlights from a sahaba’s life, you have to guess who it is (answer on back).
  2. Photo and journaling (good gift for grandma).
  3. Project idea in each pocket-activity cards: sadaqa jars, paper chains, etc.
  4. Leave the pockets empty and fill with one memory a day for each day in Ramadan.
  5. A dua or hadith in each pocket for something to read each day for iftar or suhoor.
  6. Trade with another family and fill the pockets with something for them to read each day.
  7. Buy a toy that has many pieces and fill each pocket with a few pieces so they have to build it day to day (Legos would work well).
  8. Fill with old Ramadan memories.
  9. 30 goals for 30 days.
  10. 30 acts of kindness.
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