I don't want to homeschool, but...


By Nishat Ahmed

PANDEMIC! No, not the game, but reality. Everywhere you look, it’s a mad scramble. Moms are especially stressed. The morning solitude is gone and suddenly YOU are responsible for your child(ren)’s day to day education. Mothers who work outside the home now have twice the load and half the time.

Wait, what just happened? I didn’t plan for this!

Yet here we are, mandated to stay home until the crisis is averted. We are all homeschoolers now. Fear not. You can be more than a temporary teacher of facts and formulas until the schools take over again. Welcome to homeschooling!

Firstly, no two homeschools are alike. We respect that and stand by it. Home education is all about personalized education, tailored to the individuals that make it. Therein lies the challenge.

Second, we want to make it clear that you are not living in normal homeschooling circumstances. We do not stay home all the time. Social interaction is not severely limited. And no mother can work full time AND teach full time AND maintain her home full time. So keep your expectations to a minimum. Focus on what is essential to maintain a happy home, and leave the rest for later.

Lastly, accept that there are uncertainties abound. How can I keep my children occupied? My spouse is working from home, can he cope? How can I make enough space for a classroom? What curriculum should we use? Is there a schedule to follow? Where can I find resources for specific ages? I’ve never taught anything, will my kids listen? When am I mom, and when am I teacher? Should I involve my husband?

The list of questions can be never-ending and paralyzing. But it doesn’t have to be. We don’t promise answers because only you know what is best suited for your family and home situation. But we can help you reach clarity and confidence in your decisions. Take comfort in the fact that the overwhelming majority of families who start on the homeschooling path never look back.

Your homeschooling journey might be a short detour, but we hope you walk away with a strong new support system, and with great experiences that will shape your years to come, insha Allah.

Muslim families are free to use the resources our community has to offer, conveniently posted on our website. We want you to succeed beyond expectations because we all have the same end goal: To please our Rabb, and safeguard our loved ones. Dear Sisters, let’s wholeheartedly support each other to this ultimate end.

To start your journey on the right foot, check out our Quick Tips to Start Homeschooling. Excellent, tried and tested advice by Muslim and non-Muslim bloggers, on how to keep the sanity and remove anxieties. Implementing these strategies from veteran home educators will go a long way in creating a positive atmosphere in your home.

We also have an inclusive and growing list of amazing resources, many that are absolutely free. (Yay! Freebies!)


Insha Allah, the Socal MHN community will continue to work to offer our support and guidance as the situation develops.

Take it one step at a time. Be strong, stay safe, and keep your trust in Allah.

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