How to Organize a Field Trip or Event

  1. Choose a day you want to plan your event (field trip, park day, etc.)

  2. If you need a minimum number of participants, send a ‘feeler’ email to MHN to see how many people are interested in joining the event/field trip. Optional: propose two dates/times if that is an option.

  3. Check the MHN calendar to make sure the event does not conflict with an MHN event. (Go to MHN calendar or MHN yahoo group, click on ‘calendar’ and check there). Avoid planning field trip on Fridays.

  4. Make arrangements with the venue to plan the field trip/event.

a. Find out when payment needs to be made

b. How many students are needed for a discounted ticket?

c. Where should everyone meet?

d. Does everyone need to enter at the same time?

e. What time should everyone be there?

f. Is there a parking fee?

g. Are there are any restrictions the group should know about?

h. If outside food is permitted?

i. Are there any tips the staff can provide the group?

j. Can the venue host multiple age groups?

k. How many chaperones are needed and are parents and siblings allowed to join?

l. Are there any online resources that will help before or after the field trip?

m. What are the etiquette guidelines for the group?

  1. Once the arrangements have been set, send an email (preferably 2-4 weeks before the event) to the group with the following information:
a. Subject line: Name of event date

b. What the event is (link to website and/or description)

c. When the event is being held (day, time, duration)

d. Where the event is (address, link to website page with address, or link to maps)

e. Who the event is geared towards and any age limitations

f. RSVP instructions with:
i. Link to a Google Doc/form
ii. Payment method (highly recommended ahead of time (PayPal)
iii. No refunds, only transfer (attendee’s responsibility)
iv. Contact information for participants and organizer of the field trip.

g. Important information
i. Field trip etiquette
ii. Arrival time
iii. Length of event
iv. Contact information
v. Other pertinent information

h. Post when registration will be closed

  1. Follow up with venue with payment and to finalize reservation

  2. Send a follow up email to MHN to remind people to sign up or that registration is coming to a close.

  3. Once registration is closed, continue any email contact off list if necessary.

  4. Post reminder for event 1-2 days prior to event.

  5. On the day of the event (field trip specifically), have a person in charge of:
    a. Handling phone calls/text messages
    b. Checking people in
    c. Handing out tickets, etc.

  6. Remind families of any rules, etiquettes and other information specific to event.

a. Follow up email with venue to thank them if necessary (be sure to write down the name of any teachers, docents or staff members you want to thank)
b. Ask attendees for pictures of the event
c. Ask attendees for feedback (personal email, google doc form or Survey Monkey, for instance)

#####Click here for a printable version on How to Organize a Field Trip/Event.