Membership: FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did MHN start?

In 2005, a handful of Muslim mothers in Orange County who had started homeschooling or were seriously considering it as an option, decided to create an email list to share ideas and resources. Over the years, the number of Muslim homeschooling families in southern California increased and more and more Muslims started considering homeschooling as a viable option for their children. As the numbers grew, it made sense to build upon the email list and take the homeschooling group to the next level. In this spirit, in May 2012, the Muslim homeschoolers formed Muslim Homeschool Network (MHN), an organization to bring Muslim homeschoolers of Southern California together from across the southland and better cater to their needs. By gathering their talents and working together, MHN, a volunteer driven organization, has been able to support Muslim homeschoolers on a larger scale in areas such as Islamic, educational, social, and parent growth, and at the same time outreach to the larger Muslim community and increase awareness and education on homeschooling.

2. Which homeschooling philosophy does MHN follow?

MHN does not subscribe to any particular homeschooling institution or philosophy: rather it brings together mothers from diverse homeschooling backgrounds who may be registered privately, with charters, or with public homeschool institution.

3. Is MHN a co-op?

No, MHN is not a co-op. However, we do have members who have formed and run successful co-ops. For more information, you may ask your questions about forming/joining a co-op on our email list.

4. I am seriously considering homeschooling or have just started homeschooling. I have so many questions, where do I start?

For starters, have a look at our “How to Homeschool” document which will give a good overview of what homeschooling entails. If you have specific questions, feel free to post them on our email list and other members can provide answers insha’Allah. If you still have questions and would like to reach a member of our support and outreach team, please email

5. I have an event idea for MHN, who do I contact to get it started?

You may send an email to and we will direct it to the correct board member.

6. Who can subscribe to the MHN email list and how do I become a member?

MHN’s email list serves the current and future homeschooling Muslims in the southern California* area. Subscription is open to mothers who are:

  1. current homeschoolers
  2. seriously considering homeschooling**
  3. those mothers who have homeschooled in the past and are available as a resource for homeschoolers
  4. have homeschooled in the past and are available as a resource for homeschoolers

* Southern California includes Orange, LA, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties.

**To ensure that the list maintains its focus on serving current and future homeschoolers, those new list members who are seriously considering homeschooling and have not yet started are required to attend at least one MHN event during the school year; we highly recommend our 101 seminars.

7. I do not plan to homeschool but would like to take part in MHN hosted events for my children. Can I still become a member of MHN?

Unfortunately, due to limited resources, MHN membership and events are only open to families who are currently homeschooling or are seriously considering it. If you fall in one of these categories, please sign up to be a member. Please look at question #6 above for more details on membership.

8. Where can I find a list of upcoming events?

Please take a look at our calendar here.

9. I do not live in Southern California, can I still become a member?

Unfortunately, at this time we are only serving the Southern California area.